How to Use the Breadchain Crowdstaking Application
Breadchain Cooperative
March 24th, 2023

Below are step-by-step instructions detailing how to bake $BREAD- the digital local currency and core funding mechanism of Breadchain- and use it to begin crowdstaking on behalf of the network. You can learn more about how the application works under the hood here. Additionally, if you prefer, you can watch this video to see a demonstration of the application in action.

How to Bake Your DAI into BREAD

1. Get some MATIC to pay for Polygon transaction fees and DAI to bake into BREAD. If you need help getting MATIC and DAI into your wallet on Polygon, be sure to consult the FAQ page of the application

2. Connect your wallet to the Breadchain Crowdstaking App on the Polygon Network

3. Approve the smart contract to make use of the DAI in your wallet

4. Input the amount of DAI you would like to bake into BREAD. The amount of BREAD you receive will be exactly equivalent to the amount of DAI you give

5. Click “Bake BREAD” to receive the equivalent amount of BREAD for your DAI (1:1)

6. If you do not see your BREAD balance in your wallet, click or manually import the token by using this token address: 0x11d9efDf4Ab4A3bfabf5C7089F56AA4F059AA14C

Congratulations, you have baked BREAD!**

How to Burn BREAD and Get Your DAI Back

1. Click the arrow in the middle of the app

2. Input the amount of BREAD you would like to burn back into the equivalent amount in DAI

3. Click “Burn BREAD” and receive back your DAI!

As a holder of BREAD,you can also help the project by providing liquidity through our managed liquidity position on Arrakis Finance. If you’re looking for another way to support post-capitalist projects, you can do so by giving to our Open Collective, purchase the NFT associated with this piece, or support us via Panvala. If you really want to look under the hood or contribute some development, you can check out our Github page. If you’re working on something that you think fits with the ethos of Breadchain, apply to have you project a part of the network. Be sure to also join the discord server and the Breadchain Guild.

Now that you understand how the application works, go bake some BREAD!

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