How to Add Liquidity for Post-Capitalism with BREAD

In this article, we’ll show you how to add liquidity to the Breadchain liquidity pool on Curve. The Curve liquidity pool provides two core functions for the Breadchain Solidarity Primitive: allowing users to swap in and out of BREAD without utilizing the Bread Crowdstaking Application therefore ensuring more BREAD supply, and making the first steps in integrating BREAD with Gnosis Pay. In utilizing the liquidity pool, you are able to provide liquidity for others to swap BREAD with other tokens at a tight price range thanks to Curve’s Stablewsap bonding curve. This makes it so that users don’t need to burn their BREAD. Minting BREAD with xDai is the best thing to do, but allowing users the capability of swapping any token for BREAD gives Breadchain more flexibility in how it reaches more users and sustains those who get paid in BREAD.

You will need both BREAD and WXDAI on Gnosis Chain to add liquidity to the pool so it is recommended that you check out our previous tutorial on minting bread that can be found here. By providing liquidity you will also be in possession of BUTTER, the LP token that proves you have provided liquidity which will be used as part of Breadchain governance.

How to Add Liquidity to the Curve Liquidity Pool

1. You will need a wallet with BREAD and WXDAI in order to provide liquidity to the pool. You can get WXDAI by wrapping xDai on sites like CoW Swap on Gnosis Chain.

2. On the Bread Crowdstaking Application, click on “Add Liquidity” on the banner below the baking module to be taken to the BREAD/WXDAI Liquidity Pool on Curve and connect your wallet.

UI of the Bread Crowdstaking Application
UI of the Bread Crowdstaking Application

3. Submit the amount of each token you want to add to the pool and click the approve spending button to begin the processing of adding liquidity to the pool.

UI of Curve
UI of Curve

4. Once you have approved the spending, you will be able to deposit the tokens into the liquidity pool and the “Deposit” button will be clickable.

5. Click on “Deposit” and confirm the transaction to move your tokens into the liquidity pool.

6. Congratulations, you have successfully contributed to the BREAD/WXDAI liquidity pool!

If you’re looking for another way to support post-capitalist projects, you can do so by giving to our Open Collective or purchasing the NFT associated with this piece. If you really want to look under the hood or contribute some development, you can check out our Github page. If you’re working on something that you think fits with the ethos of Breadchain, apply to have you project a part of the network. Be sure to also join the discord server and the Breadchain Guild.

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